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Big Bash League 2015-16 Schedule

BBL T20 2015-16 Time Table

The table showing full schedule, time table, matches with day, date, fixtures, and venues details.

DateMatch DetailsGMT TimeIST TimeLocal TimeGroundCity
Friday December 17 2015Sydney Thunder vs Sydney Sixers, 1st Match08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00Sydney Showground StadiumSydney
Saturday December 18 2015Adelaide Strikers vs Melbourne Stars, 2nd Match08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00Adelaide OvalAdelaide
Sunday December 19 2015Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne Renegades, 3rd Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00The GabbaBrisbane
Tuesday December 20 2015Sydney Sixers vs Hobart Hurricanes, 4th Match05:20:0010:50:0010:50:00Sydney Cricket GroundSydney
Tuesday December 20 2015Melbourne Stars vs Sydney Thunder, 5th Match08:25:0013:55:0013:55:00Melbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
Wednesday December 21 2015Perth Scorchers vs Adelaide Strikers, 6th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00W.A.C.A. GroundPerth
Thursday December 22 2015Hobart Hurricanes vs Brisbane Heat, 7th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00Bellerive OvalHobart
Friday December 23 2015Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney Sixers, 8th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00Docklands StadiumMelbourne
Tuesday December 26 2015Perth Scorchers vs Brisbane Heat, 9th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00W.A.C.A. GroundPerth
Wednesday December 27 2015Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne Stars, 10th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00Sydney Cricket GroundSydney
Friday December 28 2015Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide Strikers, 11th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00Sydney Showground StadiumSydney
Saturday December 29 2015Brisbane Heat vs Hobart Hurricanes, 12th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00The GabbaBrisbane
Monday December 30 2015Melbourne Renegades vs Perth Scorchers, 13th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00Docklands StadiumMelbourne
Tuesday December 31 2015Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney Sixers, 14th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00Adelaide OvalAdelaide
Monday January 01 2016Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney Thunder, 15th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00Bellerive OvalHobart
Tuesday January 02 2016Melbourne Stars vs Melbourne Renegades, 16th Match07:10:0012:40:0012:40:00Melbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
Tuesday January 02 2016Perth Scorchers vs Sydney Sixers, 17th Match10:15:0015:45:0015:45:00W.A.C.A. GroundPerth
Wednesday January 03 2016Brisbane Heat vs Sydney Thunder, 18th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00The GabbaBrisbane
Thursday January 04 2016Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne Renegades, 19th Match08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00Bellerive OvalHobart
Saturday January 05 2016Adelaide Strikers vs Perth Scorchers, 20th Match08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00Adelaide OvalAdelaide
Sunday January 06 2016Melbourne Stars vs Hobart Hurricanes, 21st Match08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00Melbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
Monday January 07 2016Sydney Thunder vs Perth Scorchers, 22nd Match08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00Sydney Showground StadiumSydney
Tuesday January 08 2016Brisbane Heat vs Adelaide Strikers, 23rd Match08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00The GabbaBrisbane
Thursday January 09 2016Melbourne Renegades vs Melbourne Stars, 24th Match08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00Docklands StadiumMelbourne
Friday January 10 2016Hobart Hurricanes vs Perth Scorchers, 25th Match05:20:0010:50:0010:50:00Bellerive OvalHobart
Friday January 10 2016Sydney Sixers vs Brisbane Heat, 26th Match08:25:0013:55:0013:55:00Sydney Cricket GroundSydney
Sunday January 12 2016Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Renegades, 27th Match08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00Sydney Showground StadiumSydney
Tuesday January 13 2016Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart Hurricanes, 28th Match08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00Adelaide OvalAdelaide
Wednesday January 14 2016Melbourne Stars vs Brisbane Heat, 29th Match08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00Melbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
Friday January 16 2016Sydney Sixers vs Sydney Thunder, 30th Match07:10:0012:40:0012:40:00Sydney Cricket GroundSydney
Friday January 16 2016Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne Stars, 31st Match10:15:0015:45:0015:45:00W.A.C.A. GroundPerth
Monday January 18 2016Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide Strikers, 32nd Match08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00Docklands StadiumMelbourne
Friday January 21 2016TBC vs TBC, 1st Semi-Final08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00TBCTBC
Saturday January 22 2016TBC vs TBC, 2nd Semi-Final08:40:0014:10:0014:10:00TBCTBC
Monday January 24 2016TBC vs TBC, Final08:10:0013:40:0013:40:00TBCTBC

Last updated on Sep 13, 2015
BBL 2015-16 Quick Facts
AdministratorCricket Australia
First tournament2011
Tournament formatknockout
Number of teams8
Current WinnersPerth Scorchers